Better life by helping to scan for answers.

Pia Solback-Nordling

I Help You.

Better life by helping to Scan for answers.

This is was INZENTER stands for, I am here to help you to enjoy more what you love to do.

INZENTER is a new wellness brand, established 2018 in Fuengirola, Spain. We put human in focus and Scan you to provide answers how to improve your health. Pia has been working with a holistic approach for over a decade and has a practice in Karjaa in south of Finland too. We help you to enjoy more of your life by scanning your body by ZYTO, Bioresonance or by classic Osteopathy.

You can easily book an appointment by sending a message by Messenger chat. You find INZENTER in Karjaa, Finland.

Call FIN: +358 400 720 586 

E-Mail: [email protected]

Medical Thermography.

Now Clinical Thermography at Inzenter,

I’am so happy to tell you that I have very recently carried out an education in Clinical Thermography in San Antonio Texas USA and earlier in London. By Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging I can search for inflammations in the body by measuring and imaging varieties in temperatures. This device can also successfully be used for early detection. Medical Infrared Thermography can visualize areas where disease or disorder is occurring.

An infrared camera visually records the temperature of the skin surface. The skin temperature can indicate changes in underlying pathology.

Medical Infrared Thermography is used for body imaging and breast screening and helps to indicate early detection, establishment of risk and monitoring of abnormal physiology. This could include abnormal vascular and neurological conditions related to breast disease, pain conditions, sports injuries and many more difficult to assess symptoms. Thermography is a study of physiology and not of anatomy or structure.

Medical Infrared Thermography is 100% risk-free, non-invasive, pain free, non-contact and no radiation.

Medical Infrared Thermography Breast Screening 148€ and Full Body Check-Up 468€.

Call me for an appointment. Hugs Pia

Follow Us.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Youtube and perhaps you see some digital ads. Though the digitalization we´re still printing flyers, visit cards and arranging social events. We think a mix of marketing actions is good. We do this to remember you continuously that we´re still here to help you reach out for a better life by helping to scan for answers.

I´ve started to learn to do some videos, to tell you more about INZENTER and sometimes I bake and cook with Young Living Essential Oils. Check up our videos about Bioresonance and greetings from INZENTER. For more videos please sign up on our youtube channel.

I think it is great to learn new things and probably that is the reason I continuously develop my knowledge of holistic treatments and enlarge the understanding of the human body as a whole.

Our Services.

ZYTO SCAN 70 €/ h

Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO Hand Cradle while a scan is run. Your body will naturally respond to this communication.


Bioresonance therapy. With Bioresonans I analyze the human body. I look for non-balance in the body and then search for the reason for this non-balance.


Classic Osteopathy treatment. Osteopathy takes a holistic, whole-body approach to healthcare. An osteopathic physician does not concentrate only on the problem area, but uses manual techniques to balance all the body systems, and to provide overall good health and wellbeing.


 Approved Thermography Clinic 

Budwig Center Clinic in Malaga, Spain – Natural Cancer Remedies and Treatment.eatments


Our story.


is a new family own wellness brand, established 2018 in Fuengirola, Spain. INZENTER head office and practice is found in Karjaa, Finland.

Why Fuengirola?

As a result of our market research we have noticed that Costa Del Sol is getting even more popular among the Scandinavians. Many has bought flats or houses, spend part-time in the area or visit some friends and perhaps relatives who have chosen a life at the sunny coast. Fuengirola is a small city concerning the net area of the town, only 10 km². Though there live almost 80.000 people and Scandinavians represented of about 10.000 inhabitants. During the summer season in July and August the city is visited by 250.000 tourists.

We started in 2007

We have been entrepreneurs since 2007 with a great range of experience of the wellness business. We started to sell ice-cream in our garden in the middle of the city in Karjaa, Finland. Moved on to have a webshop and a cafe by the market square. From the very start Pia has been working with an holistic approach. She is very passionate in helping people by giving answers, treatments and care. At INZENTER we aim to work for the mission that the best scan gives the best answers.

Who is Pia and Kim?

Pia has been working with customer service all of her life and as an entrepreneur for over a decade already. She started with Swedish Massage, learned more about Indian Head Massage in London, moved on to Medical Laser treatment, started to do Body Sugaring and attended courses in Infant Massage. Furthermore Pia studied Osteopathy and Neuro Training and she took courses in Quantum Healing in Sweden. She went to Germany to study Bioresonance at Rayonex and later on to Stockholm to learn more about Zyto Biocommunication. Besides the ongoing studies in wellness she has become a Champion in Taek Won Do.

Kim has a past in the Catering industry and has been working with Food and Service Management for great time. Today he is specialized in Public Procurement and Contracting. Kim has great interest in improving and developing areas like Marketing, Process and Leadership. This website is a genuine result of his passionate interest.


We want to help you to a better life, to enjoy the things you love to do, even more.

Scanning for answers?

We can help you to identify the receptors that improve your wellness or the barriers that prevent you from enjoying life the way you want.

We scan your body by the help of ZYTO Scan, Bioresonance, or Osteopathy. After we have identified the non-balance in your body we decide together what treatments might take you further towards a more enjoyable life.

At INZENTER we work with an holistic approach where the human is in focus. Due to the work experience and the different ways of scanning that Pia has learn she scan the human as a whole and search for the reasons of non-balance.

Who is the customer?

The customer range is wide and contains the whole life cycle. Babies, children, youths, adults, elderly people has all been represented.

We can for example help to scan for food receptors, disfunction of body function, stress, muscle pain or desired levels of vitamins and minerals. As a result of her great interest Pia has been specialized in lyme diseases.

Increased customer value by networking

We think it is important to keep up and develop a professional network, especially when scanning people. At INZENTER we co-operate with well established companies like ZYTO, Rayonex, Young Living to mention a few. Pia attend courses and programs continuously to keep up with trends and get the latest information. Due to these interactions she has also gained a great professional network worldwide. If there are  questions she can not answer there is always someone to ask for help.

The future is common

We are looking forward to meet you at Annis Vital Shop in Fuengirola or at the practice in Karjaa. You can easily book an appointment by call, send a e-mail or use Messenger chat.

Follow INZENTER on Facebook to stay updated and love what you do – we do!

Hugs Pia & Kim

Pia Solback-Nordling

Pia is very friendly and care for you with a big heart. She is a woman of actions and continues to study and learn more about human wellness as a whole. Pia has "healing hands" and helps you to scan for answers at INZENTER.

Kim Nordling

Kim meet you with a smile and care for the back office duties at INZENTER. He is always developing some business areas and his knowledge. Kim has passionately been cooking meals since he was 7 years old.